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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Name : Riska Setiawati
NIM : 0971511829
Subyek : English for PR
Lecturer: Dra. Zulvia Khalid, MM., M.Pd.


Address : Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 25
Jakarta 12920 – Indonesia
Phones : (62-21) 520 3401, 520 3402
Fax : (62-21) 520 3106
Website :


Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

My Name is Riska Setiawati and I’m from PT. 3M Indonesia.

I want to give you a short presentation about our product is “Post-it”.

Herewith our office background:
3M has been operating in Indonesia since 1975. Like many other 3M subsidiaries around the world it was established to bring the wide range of 3M products and services to the local marketplace. The original manufacturing facility was located in Cibinong but this was relocated to a new manufacturing facility in Tambun - Bekasi in 1980. Sales & Administration offices were located in Jakarta's Central Business District up until 1998 when these offices were consolidated with the Bekasi factory site. There is also a Branch Sales Office located in Surabaya.
With our large product offering, 3M Indonesia serves the following diversified markets:
• Industrial
• Automotive
• Electrical & Telecommunications
• Health Care
• Traffic & Safety
• Construction
• Office & Consumer
Our Corporate Values are:
• Satisfying our customers with superior quality value and services
• Providing our customers and shareholders return through sustained high quality growth.
• Respecting the social and physical environment.
• Being a Company that employees are proud to be part of.

Ladies and gentleman,
Let me begin by explaining why we need this product.

Our inspiration comes from listening to customers and creating new products and solutions for the challenges and opportunities you face.

Organize and emphasize information quickly and easily with Post-it® Flags. Use them to draw attention to critical items, for indexing and filing, or for color coding. Learn more about the different types of Post-it® Flags below – there's a useful tip on every page!

Maybe you’ve already heard about “post it”? There are several plus uses of it :
- Create/increase brand awareness
- Promote and event
- Trade show give-away
- Reinforce Company programs
- Create Goodwill, thanks customers
- Sales call leave behind etc.

There are some of our products :
- Notes
Post-it® Products have been making the art of communication easier and a lot of fun for over 20 years and come in many colors, sizes, themes and shapes.

- Super sticky notes
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes stick practically anywhere for that message that needs to stay put and get noticed.

- Note pads
Post-it® Note Pads come in the perfect color and size for all your communication needs.

- Specialty notes
Post-it® Specialty Notes come in intriguing shapes, fun characters and time-saving printed notes.

- Portable Flags and notes
Post-it® Portable Flags and Notes help you bring your office with you wherever you go.

At the beginning there was explained about our products, so what’s the “Post it” for?

Use them to:
- Stick to vertical and hard-to-stick surfaces
- Stick to computer monitors, walls, dashboards, corrugate boxes

Close at hand
- Accordion-style notes pop up, one by one, keeping notes right at your fingertips.
- Put your notes where they’ll really get noticed – like monitors, doors and walls!

Get attention
- Larger size helps make sure your message gets through!
- Bright neon colors provide maximum visibility.

Ladies and gentleman,

I think the picture perfectly shows how it’s very useful for us and for your recommendation I attached some brochure for your reference.

All in all I believe that is very important for the company.

Okay, that’s all my presentation and I hope all of us can use it because it’s very attractive and useful.

Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,

Riska Setiawati
NIM. 0971511829

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